M-Tech Innovations Ltd

Wooden Card

In today’s environmentally conscious era, wooden cards emerge as a sustainable substitute for their plastic counterparts. With their biodegradability, renewability, and minimal carbon footprint, wooden cards represent a responsible choice for eco-aware businesses. We are delighted to introduce our new wooden RFID cards tailored for the hotel industry. These cards adhere to the standard size of 85.4mm x 54mm and have a thickness of 0.88mm.

Utilizing wooden key cards as part of your establishment’s identity showcases your dedication to sustainability and responsible decision-making. The natural warmth of wood, combined with customizable design options, renders these key cards ideal for upscale hotels, environmentally conscious establishments, and anyone aiming to deliver a distinctive and memorable guest experience. By opting for wooden key cards, you not only make a lasting impression but also champion a sustainable approach to access control.

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