M-Tech Innovations Ltd

Our Ethos is to Deliver Excellence Through Innovation

About the Company

We take pride in our expansive manufacturing capabilities, which are supported by two modern factories. Strategically located in Pune, our factories collectively form the backbone of our operations, allowing us to meet the growing demands of our clients efficiently and effectively. Each setup is dedicated to specific product lines giving us a clear focus to ensure the best quality and prompt delivery. It also gives extensive scope for customization.

The Hinjewadi Unit is designed and constructed as per security guidelines & complying high secure card manufacturing requirement. It is dedicated to smart cards & RFID products. It also accommodates our team of experts designing End- to End RFID solutions tailored according to diverse business needs. The factory boasts a total area of 100,000 sq ft. with an employee size of 350 personnel and an annual production capacity that estimates around 100 million cards. We have meticulously designed our production processes to optimize efficiency and maximize output while maintaining the strictest quality control measures. Our production lines are streamlined and automated, allowing us to meet tight deadlines and deliver superior products to our clients.

Kelwade unit is certified by IATF & ISO for manufacturing Automotive dials, Membrane Switches & In-mold decorations. The unit has a size of 20,000 sq ft and is equipped with advanced machinery & ultra-precise measuring equipment, enabling us to manufacture a few prototypes to bulk volumes.

Safety is a paramount concern at our factory. We adhere to stringent safety protocols and regularly invest in training programs to ensure that our workforce operates in a safe and secure environment. By prioritizing the well-being of our employees, we create an atmosphere that fosters productivity, collaboration, and a strong sense of pride in their work. We have implemented robust safety protocols, adhere to environmentally conscious practices, and invest in continuous improvement initiatives.


Growing with People & Technology


Towards Global Corporation
Offering Best Value to Our Stakeholders

Core Values


We believe in conducting our business with the highest level of integrity and ethics. We are committed to being transparent and honest in all our dealings and maintain the highest standards of professionalism.


Is a crucial aspect of our company culture at M-Tech Innovations Ltd. We believe that working together as a team can lead to better ideas, higher productivity, and improved outcomes. We encourage our team members to approach challenges with a positive mindset and a determination to overcome obstacles.

Value - Centric

We believe that our success is directly linked to our ability to provide value to our customers and stakeholders. We strive to create products and solutions that not only meet the needs of our customers but also exceed their expectations and add value to their lives and businesses.

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