M-Tech Innovations Ltd

Government ID / Secured ID Cards

We have highly secured manufacturing place having ISO 27000, ISO 14298, Rupay, Visa, Mastercard certification along with Scosta certification for E-Governance projects. This makes us the most suited secured ID cards Manufacturing.
As one of the leading Identity Cards manufacture for Government Departments, M-tech is equipped with all the latest technology and facilities to customize cards with digital, thermal, laser and inkjet printing. Additionally, we provide security features such as UV printing, holograms, guilloche patterns and micro text which makes us the preferred choice.
We offer superior quality smart cards making us one of the leading global ID card manufacturers. The strength of M-Tech lies in producing high quality cards that are consistent in appearance and excellence while satisfying all your business needs.
We have been supplied more than 500 million Driving License, Election cards, Health Cards, Labour cards, Government Tax cards etc. to many Projects in India & abroad


Driving License / Vehicle Registrations
Financial Inclusion
National ID Card
Health Card
Health Card
Tax Cards
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