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RFID Based Student Tracking System

Managing the daily attendance of thousands of students is quite a challenging task for teachers. Traditional means of registering daily students’ attendance may result in errors & tremendous manual work. The students must use an RFID card to mark their presence on the RFID reader.

The data is stored in the attendance system with high accuracy and efficiency. An RFID based attendance system can be a great solution to overcome such challenges as it automates the students’ attendance process & enables teachers and parents to track & monitor students’ activities effortlessly. Besides student attendance management, the RFID attendance system can also be used to track the attendance of faculty or staff to simplify the payroll management procedure.

The software recognizes the student through the information on the UHF RFID smart card for recording attendance.

M-Tech is offers RFID based attendance system with an advanced attendance management system that has an RFID reader, RFID card, & a controller unit that allows the wireless communications to establish the identity of students, faculty, or any other staff.

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