M-Tech Innovations Ltd

Crowd Management Solutions

We offer RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Crowd Management solutions used track and manage at major events; pilgrims’ places were high crowd turnover.
The solution involves the use of RFID cards need to carry for event attendees, which can be automatically scanned for verification, tracking and monitoring their movements and manage access to different areas of the event.
This solution based-on RFID technology and several steps involves in it like Registration of Persons, issuing the RFID card/Tags, Verification, set the zone or place for define the person holding capacity. If the crowd is more than defined giving alerts to various authorities as per over crowd movement in the zone.
System is capable to find the person who are missed from his group.
Our crowd monitoring system provides real-time updates on crowd density and movement patterns. This information can help you identify areas of congestion and proactively manage crowd flow. Our system can also help you detect potential safety hazards and respond quickly to emergency situations.
AI power dashboard shows all details of area wise visitors, graphical presentation of zone monitoring and hardware health monitoring.
The solution offer safety of people and convenience to management team control the crowd.
This kind of system is very important when there is very high crowd movement to avoid stampede like incident.

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