M-Tech Innovations Ltd

RFID Bolt Seal (E-Seal)

M-tech has developed and manufactures e-seal as per requirement of customs and cargo exporters. Developed this product under make India initiative available to use for exporter as well organisation looking safe transportation of cargo. E-seal for custom containers is a revolutionary technology that allows businesses to track and monitor their cargo in real-time, giving them greater visibility and control over their supply chain operations. Custom shipping containers are often used to transport high-value or sensitive cargo, and it is essential to ensure that these containers are not tampered with or compromised in any way during transit. E-seal for custom shipping containers provides an effective solution to this problem by providing a secure and tamper-proof digital seal that is placed on the container. This digital seal is equipped with advanced sensors that can detect any attempt to tamper with the container or its contents. We have developed web-based application as per custom requirements which having all functionalities like of E-seal, track record and status of E-seal. Our E-seal is certified with ISO/IEC 17025 :2005 and TUV SOC 2021-22_0013
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