M-Tech Innovations Ltd

Face Reader

M-tech face reader is Windows OS based attendance access terminal with multiple identification methods. It supports 5 types of authentication methods such as face, fingerprint, palm print, card and password, and supports 10 combinations of authentication methods. The device uses RGB & IR dual camera identification, supports fast identification within 0.5~4 meters, and mask detection and live body detection function. The face reader can record 5000 groups of identity information and 1,000,00 attendance records and supports data export.

Fingerprint biometric systems for authentication are increasingly replaced by touchless facial recognition technology. Our readers come with touchless and cloud-based face recognition attendance system that is well-placed.

Our reader has dual face 1.0 RGM camera with 1.0 Infrared camera which support the auto light features, with the fastest recognition speed of 0.3 seconds. It supports multi person identification. with a capacity of 5000 facial data, 3000 fingerprint data and 300 palm print data.

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