M-Tech Innovations Ltd

GPS Wagon Tracking Device

M-tech has developed GPS wagon tracking device involves installing GPS tracking devices on wagons to monitor their location, speed, and other vital information in real-time. This technology is used to optimize transportation operations, improve safety, and increase efficiency. GPS wagon tracking works by using a GPS receiver to determine the location of the wagon. The receiver communicates with GPS satellites to determine the precise location of the wagon at any given time. The location data is then transmitted to a central server, where it is processed and presented in a user-friendly interface.

GPS wagon tracker offers several benefits including:

1) Real time tracking: Wagon tracker can track the Railway wagons at any point of time for their better utilization in broader perspective of the goods supply chain.

2) Extensive Battery backup: The GPS Wagon tracker is equipped with a battery backup worth 100mAh which will last for about two years without their being a need to change the battery.

3) Systematic management of Wagons: This Wagon tracking will lead to the most efficient usage of wagons and have least possibility of an artificial shortage in Wagon management.

4) Web Server accessibility: GPS wagon tracker can track the route of a wagon to help monitor the Wagon routes through route charts and the officials can take actions to improve its efficiency.

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