• Web Based Time Attendance Software

    Progressing science and technology has altered the way business is done. From routine activities to huge project planning everything can be done fast and more accurately with the help of latest technology solutions and software.

    Time attendance is a cumbersome activity when it is maintained manually, however web based access control systems are now available which reduce time, human effort, cost while cutting down the possibility of human errors. M-Tech Innovations being one of the Indian pioneers in smart card solutions and biometric readers, manufacturers various access control security systems that would assist you in easing your routine business activities through automated systems.

    M-Tech offers diverse web based time attendance systems which work upon biometric readers or contactless card technology as per the exclusive needs of the client. Let us take a look at the range of access control security systems we offer.

    1) MTPB MTPB fingerprint scanner (type of biometric readers) provides high level performance & robustness. The 500 dpi optical fingerprint sensor inside this access control system has an extremely durable and scratch resistant sensor surface. It has no wear mechanism and is free from damage. These types of biometric readers are specially designed for the authentication cum verification purposes where user can easily rely on the data security. This access control security system captures processes and matches fingerprints internally, thereby increasing security.

    General Specifications of Biometric Readers Based Time Attendance Software:

    RESOLUTION 500 dpi/ 256 Gray
    IMAGING AREA 16 x 18mm
    OPERATING SYSTEM Microsoft Windows & Linux.
    INTERFACE USB2.0 High Speed/ Full Speed, Plug & Play
    DIMENSION 66mm × 90mm × 58 mm (WxLxH)

    Applications of Biometric Readers Access Control Systems

    Access control security systems which are based upon Biometric readers are highly popular these days in India and are being installed for various purposes. Following applications make use of these biometric readers

    • Desktop Authentication/Logical Access Controls
    • PC based Time Attendance.
    • Governance Applications
    • Driving License
    • POS Integrations.
    • Data Protection.
    • Electronic Passport
    • Driving License

    Advantages of Biometric Readers Based Time Attendance Software:

    • Small & compact.
    • Easy to integrate on complaint software’s
    • High speed USB Interface.
    • Cost effective PC based tool for time attendance.
    • Readily accessible for any finger

    2) MTPC

    This efficient product is highly popular with different size organizations in India. MTPC is a contactless card reader and writer. This device suitable for access control security systems works on 13.56 MHz frequency which supports ISO14443A/B or ISO 15693 and Desfire Card and Tags. This time attendance device is available with Serial and USB port.

    Applications of Contactless Card Based Time Attendance Software -

    Many Indian institutes, manufacturing units, IT companies have been using contactless card based Access control systems. They are installing them for various purposes. Following applications make use of these contactless card based access control systems

    • Desktop Authentication/Logical Access Controls
    • PC based Time Attendance.
    • Card Registration
    • Governance Applications
    • Driving License
    • Data Protection.
    • Electronic Passport
    • Ticketing System
    • Financial Transaction

    Advantages of Contactless Card Based Time Attendance Software -

    • Cost Effective & portable
    • Excellent Reading Performance.
    • LED indicator with Buzzer for the card reading/writing process completion
    • Single Card Design
    • Plug & play device on complaint software platforms.

    General Specifications of Contactless Card Based Time Attendance Software

    RFID CARD STANDARD ISO 14443A, ISO 14443B and ISO15693 (Optional) Protocols
    POWER (RS-232 INTERFACE) By external Adapter
    OPERATING FREQUENCY 13.56MHz RF Operating Frequency
    Operating System Windows 32 Bit/64 Bit, Linux etc.
    CURRENT CONSUMPTION 150 mA Working Current
    DIMENSION 110mm × 81mm × 26 mm
    WEIGHT Approx. 100g
    HUMIDITY Maximum 95% non-condensing.


    MTPC series readers are in accordance with ISO14443A, ISO14443B and ISO15693 protocols, and are classified as following

    ISO14443A Yes yes Yes
    ISO14443B Yes
    ISO15693 Yes

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