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    Transparent Card

    The new and sleek transparent business cards are here!

    We are the pioneers of manufacturing the High Quality Transparent cards in India.

    Gone are the days when people used to introduce their business with help of a generic card with their name and phone number mentioned on it. In this age when everybody has the paper cards in various shapes and sizes, the task at hand was "How to make the visiting cards which speak for themselves and help the presenter stand out from the masses ?" that is when Indigo prints capitalized on their rich experience of Printing and understanding the customer needs to produce the Transparent cards. These cards are designed to do exactly what a visiting card is supposed to do, i.e. get you the receivers attention, which will help you get the conversation started and the receiver will always remember you because of you and your card.

    Benefits of Transparent Business Card

    • Transparent Business Cards offer tactile interest with their smooth or raised surface textures.
    • A conversation starter, these cards are not going in the trash any time soon.
    • Transparent cards offer visual interest and are more likely to be kept as an item of interest.
    • Transparent Business Cards can be printed with full color process on partial areas providing many creative design options.
    • Varying thicknesses are available for our Transparent Business Cards products.
    • Waterproof cards, they are ideal for people in humid regions, or divers.
    • Transparent plastic card is a designer's dream, providing endless special effect options.

    Reasons to Buy Transparent Business Card

    • Now every lead will convert in to Sales.
    • Will set your business apart from competition
    • Highly Impressive designs.
    • Immediate Return on your Investments
    • Best Advertising tool there is
    • The best Brand building tool


    • These cards can be printed in a variety of color
    • Card Finish Size: 86mm x 54mm (Standard credit card size)
    • Front-side printing only, Rounded edges

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