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    Touch Sense Keypad

    M-Tech Innovations Ltd. is one of the few ISO 9001 certified companies in India offering wide range of security solutions. The company provides advanced and sophisticated touch sense key pads with LED backlighting. All the gadgets offered by the company have the facility to switch and program the processes by using easy to operate switches and electrical linkage to the processors. The company's state of the art production facility is capable of offering high quality touch sense key pads that can cater to the needs and demands of the customers.

    The touch sense key pads from the company are easy to use with the key size, shape and keyboard sizes are adjustable and the outputs will same as that of a normal keypad. Any number of touch sense keys can be implemented and the key sensitivity can also be adjusted accordingly. The keyboard design and development is done as per the customer requirement like the key size, number and more.

    Let us look into the main features of M-Tech's Touch Sense Key pad

    • The flat and clean looking touch sense keypad can be activated by the touch of fingers.
    • It has user friendly menu driven operation with unlimited life cycle
    • Very low power consumption
    • Sleek and stylish design makes it suitable for modern decor
    • It can work as standalone or linked to a software system and also on dielectric materials
    • It has excellent resistance to discoloration caused due to scratches or dusty environment also is perfect for applications that are exposed to rain or water.
    • It is simple to use and has end user remote control programming
    • It has also options to adjust backlight and key sensitivity
    • Highly durable and can operate in slider form as well.
    • Has up to 20 touch sensor keys
    • It has 2ms update rate per active sensor input
    • It has direct interface to microprocessor/controller using SPI/I2C
    • 2.1~5.5v supply voltage, 7~8mA current consumption

    M-Tech's Touch sense keypad application re used in areas like

    • Remote controls
    • Industrial control systems
    • Office equipments, multi functioned printers.
    • Navigation devices
    • Home appliances
    • Media players
    • Mobile handsets
    • Crane machine and mining applications
    • ATM machines, digital cameras
    • Public access systems, petrol and oil dispensary machines
    • Biomedical equipments

    Technical Details of the Product

    • Regulated Input Voltage - 2.4 V To 5.25 V(DC) (Selectable By Keyboard Design Requirement)
    • Output Voltage - 2.4 V To 5.25 V(DC)
    • Supply Current - 7ma (Vin=5V And With No Optional Feature Implemented)
    • Over Voltage & Over Current Protection - Regulates Output Voltage To 5.25 V For Input Voltage Upto 20V DC And Current Upto 1.3 A. After That It Will Trip. Automatic Recovery On Power Off and Reset.
    • Operating Temperature - -40C To + 85 C
    • Overlay Materials Supported - Polyester, Glass, Acrylic, Wood, Polycarbonate & PET Film
    • Overlay Thickness - 0.5 Mm To 15 Mm
    • Keyboard Base - PCB & PCF
    • 25 mA sink and 10 mA drive on all keyboard output lines

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