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    RFID Tags

    Radio Frequency Identification technology or popularly known as RFID technology, is the use of wireless non contact system that uses radio frequency magnetic fields to transfer data from the RFID tags to the reader. This technology is mostly used for the purpose of automatic identification and tracking.

    M-Tech Innovations offers RFID tags that are ultra thin, flexible and are exclusively designed for applications requiring read/write distance at minimum cost. These tags contain electronically stored data which can be read from several metres. RFID tags applications are used in many areas like airline industry, automobile industry, libraries, parcel deliveries, document tracking and so on. They are being widely used in industries managing large number of products and services.

    M-Tech Innovations offers all types of RFID tags in all range frequency of LF, HF and UHF. We can provide the all types of RFID chip and tag size as per the requirement of customers. Furthermore we supply the different form factors for RFID tags like;

    • Key fob Tags
    • Wrist band tags
    • RFID Tokens
    • Paper Tags (e.g. Library Tags)
    • Wind shield Tags
    • Animal Glass Tags
    • Washable Laundry Tags

    M-Tech Innovations offers RFID tag for below listed solutions :

    • Inventory Management Systems
    • In Library Management System
    • Jewellery Management System
    • Visitor Tracking System
    • Transport/Vehicle Tracking System
    • Asset Tracking System

    As these tags don’t need to be within the sight line of the reader, they can be embedded in the tracked object. They are designed especially for the industries managing large number of products. Custom antennas and chips are also available as per the customer requirement. Optimum customization capacity is the specialty of this service which adds up to the advantages of clients giving them exactly what they require.

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