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    Paperless System

    With the growth of an organization it is certain that the number of people working there would increase and also the paperwork associated with them. Hence many organizations are making efforts to improve their effectiveness and efficiency by trying to reduce the paper work. For such organizations, M-Tech has introduced a cost effective and time saving solution known as the Paperless System which is based on the policy of green environment.

    The Paperless System is useful in turning the flow of human resources to a simple level thereby improving the quality and efficiency of the organization.

    In many organizations, people still use paper for transactions like attendance, leave, C-off, OT and even for maintaining the employee database. This method of using paper for every transaction can demand more storage space and can lead to increase in the storage cost. It has also been found that these transactions are complicated, time consuming and need more costs per person, moreover the chances of losing these data are high.

    M-Tech's Paperless systems have more benefits like?

    • You can reduce paper work that are related to HR activity thereby improving the efficiency and reliability of the HR people
    • You can reduce the paper cost of the organization
    • You can provide effective and efficient support to HR and personnel
    • You can make the system more user-friendly.

    M-Tech offers single software that can manage all the activities in an organization like leave, attendance and more. The company also offers the company green solutions with no paper work at the same time ensuring quality and regulatory compliance. The Paperless system also ensures around 80% cost reduction as well with an increased accuracy level of the HR team.

    Let us now look into the key features of the Paperless system

    • The Paperless system comprises of Leave, claim, gate pass, OT, employee profile, C-Off and more.
    • The system offers multi levels of hierarchy approval forms
    • It is also easy to integrate with payroll and attendance
    • This is system is user friendly that it is easy to apply and easy to transact
    • It allows multi user usage
    • With the system in place the employees do not need to visit their seniors or bring leave card everywhere while applying for leave.
    • The system is process oriented
    • The key benefits and advantages of M-Tech's Paperless system are

    • Save your valuable time - Once the system is in place you no longer waste your time searching for documents. Moreover you can quickly generate reports and provide results with in no time.
    • Simple to use - Unlike other document management systems, Paperless system offered by M-Tech is simple and easy to use. The user can simplify many business processes of HR management with this system and can get things done in just one click.
    • Easy accessibility - All authorized users are offered with the ability to view his/her own transactions by his/her own access. This facility becomes useful and easy when more than one user needs access to a single document or in cases where the company is on multiple sites.
    • Security - The paperless system stores all the data on a secured server, which means that only authorized users are able to retrieve the transactions. Hence one can be sure that your data is safe and secured.
    • Easy storage facility - This document management system is completely online hence the organizations don't need to make records in files or on paper.
    • Cost effective - As there are no files or paper records are to be maintained the organizations will require less manpower which means less inventory cost
    • Accuracy - The system is less human dependent hence there are less chances of mistakes or malpractices.
    • Audits made easy - It is easy to take weekly or monthly audits for each and every individual employees.

    Paperless system has become the name for the future automation of HR management. Hence paperless system has now become the need for business process especially for companies who look forward to have a complete computerized system. Going Paperless is no longer an option; it is now become a necessity.

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