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    Long Range RFID Readers

    M-Tech offers the best quality MTUHFI-Long range RFID Card Readers to its clients in India and abroad. These long range RFID readers are compatible with multi-protocol and have integrated design. This RFID reader solution supports quick and multi-tag reading which adds to its increasing use; furthermore it is water-proof which also proves beneficial for its users.

    Our long range RFID reader products can be used widely in different RFID systems. The product is a Passive RFID card/tag reader with integrated antenna and weather proof design applied in outdoor. Applications based on long range RFID reader are used for Person, Vehicle Tracking systems etc. These applications can be used upto 12m of distance.

    Applications of Long Range RFID Readers–

    M-Tech Innovations has strong in-house R & D facilities that are further strengthened with the various certifications by renowned organizations. Applications of Long Range RFID Readers are useful in some of the following systems -

    • Logistics & Warehouse Management
    • Parking Management
    • Product Line Management
    • Library, School Management
    • Person Tracking System
    • Access Control System
    • Store Management

    Advantages of Long Range RFID Readers –

    • Long Range RFID Readers help in various aspects including
    • Multi person tracking within the area of 12 m from the application.
    • The person need not touch any equipment for being identified.
    • Fast Tag reading device.
    • Reliable stability to prevent overlapping identifications of tags.
    • Multi card/tags detections- identify 30 tags.
    • Offers encrypted Tag ID communication.

    Specifications of Long range RFID readers:

    • Model MTUHFI- Long Range
    • Supporting Protocol ISO 18000-6B, EPC C1 GEN 2 (ISO18000-6C)
    • Working Frequency 865~868MHz
    • Working Mode FHSS
    • RF mode 0-30dBm Software programmable
    • Reading Speed Software programmable,
    • average reading speed 64bits 6ms, 20 Tags/ Second @ 60Km/hr in ideal conditions.
    • Reading Mode Timing automatic reading and trigger reading, command reading software programmable
    • Data Interface RS232, RS484, RJ 45/GPRS/W-fi (Custom made)
    • Data Input Interface Trigger input one team
    • Reading distance 12m Software programmable and Tag dependent
    • Reading Init Buzzer and LED
    • Antenna Inside Linear polarization antenna gain 12dBi
    • Power Supply DC +9V
    • Dimension 440x440x50mm
    • Weight 2Kg
    • Working Temp -200C ~ +800C
    • Storage Temp -400C ~ +850C
    • Enclosure IP65
    • Additional Optional Features 10,000 Records Storage Memory

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