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    Logical Access Control System

    M-Tech Innovations Ltd., offers PC Log On solution which is a PC based USB interface smartcard reader for logging in. The system is specially designed to enable two factor authentications for logical access control of laptops, desktops and servers. M-Tech Innovations being one of the leading smartcard manufacturers from India has developed the most advanced and a strong system for desktop, Laptop and server logon named as the M-Tech PC Log On. This system requires a valid smartcard so as to log on to a desktop or Laptop system. This system allows the use of any smartcard like magnetic stripe, RFID and strip card as well.

    The traditional method of entering a password and username to log on to a PC is no longer considered as a secured method. Hence many large enterprises, local authorities and universities in India and abroad have started using logical access control solutions. The logical access smart cards provide secure authentication and you can also benefit from PKI cryptographic for contact smart card. These access systems also work with Windows operating system so as to enable simple integration. Moreover, these cards can be personalized with the corporate brand, photo ID and departmental codes; they can also be utilized for multiple applications like physical access control, time and attendance, canteen management system like in a cashless vending system and more.

    You can use M-Tech's PC based smart card reader MTPC and EZ100. The company operating through its highly equipped manufacturing units based in Pune, can also advise you on the ideal product of access control system suiting to your individual PC security requirements. Even if you have an existing PC logon system in place and want to upgrade to an existing smartcard such as Mifare or a completely new solution is required, M-Tech has the perfect solution for you. You can refer to our hardware datasheet for details and specifications.

    For an e-campus, you can use the single smartcard for

    • Logging on to the desktop or laptop
    • Time and attendance system with the physical access control
    • Enables cashless transactions within the campus

    M-Tech's access control system has certain features that make it unique. The main features are

    • Simple to use- The system has simple deployment for running the system, administration and is worth the money spent
    • Secured - This system has two factor authentication which is card and PIN that can eliminate all your concerns over password attacks. Here you can benefit from PKI
    • cryptographic for contact smart cards.
    • Convenient- This system is convenient as the same card can be used for logical and physical access.
    • Flexible- The system is flexible as it offers self-service and administrator driven workflows.
    • Cost effective- You can use the existing attendance card to start with the M-Tech PC Log On system.

    The company offers different models of smart card readers that allow the use various types of cards

    • MT-MSR- used for Magnetic stripe cards
    • MTPC- used for contactless smart cards
    • EZ100PU- used for contact smart cards.

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