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    Library Management System

    he library management system offered by M-Tech Innovations addresses all the needs, both large and small of a library. This system can support all the day to day operations of a library. All the services are designed to get their jobs done faster and efficient for the user. The services are extended to all its members, librarians and administrators. In this system every book is pasted with RFID tags and RFID desktop antennas are used to issue the books, a gate antenna is used for tracking unissued books.

    Now, let us consider the features of this library management system are

    • Maintains a smooth issuance and return of books from students as well as staff
    • System can help to manage the reservation of books
    • You can easily keep the record of maximum/minimum books issued
    • You can efficiently maintain and generate book catalogues
    • Generate various reports to represent information
    • Maintain the restrictions by class on issuance of book

    Faster and efficient dues and stock management. Let us now look into the key features of this campus management system introduced by M-Tech Innovations

    • The system is an one point solution for the complete school management with the workflow automation
    • With a well a managed system it can reflect your schools unique character and can build up an image of a modern tech savvy institution
    • So easy to install and use that you can run it on intranet or internet
    • The whole process of the system depends on the automation and not on the people.
    • The system enables you to have all the information on your fingertips
    • You can easily search on archive of historical data
    • The system is cost effective with its low cost ownership and maintenance
    • It can provide better support through its high scalability and reliability for the growth of your organization
    • As complete process is automated you can efficiently manage, share and allocate your resources.

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