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    Graphic Quality Cards

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    Graphic quality cards are good choice for applications where printing is required. High quality materials are used for their manufacturing that will enhance the foundation of the printing applications. These cards are commonly known as CR-80 or PVC or Plain White cards. The ideal size of any graphic card is identical with the size of credit cards which perfectly fit in our wallet or purse. Many industries, colleges, schools, banks & common peoples prefer these cards for the convenience it offers.

    M-Tech one of the leading manufacturers & suppliers of the graphic cards manufacture cards as per ISO standards which work with any color or monochrome digital imaging system. These cards are produced as to enhance print quality and give image sharpness needed to produce vivid colours and detailed readable bar codes.

    We offer composite cards (PET) resulting longer life cycle; the cards are available in following sizes:

    Sizes: 86x54 mm (85.72 mm x 53.98 mm) ISO or customized

    Thickness: 0.76 mm/0.40 mm

    We also offer Composite cards (like 60/40, 50/50, 40/60, 30/70 PVC/PETG content & 100% PETG content) in ISO standard which has longer life. These graphic quality cards provide high quality, medium flexibility and temperature durability. Depending on the design and usage the premier plus cards have the durability and life of around 4 years to 7 years. These cards are ideal for all applications that require edge to edge printing. PVC cards have a clear and glossy laminate on top and bottom and are optically inspected to give scratch free and clean look for optimum print quality. However, PVC cards have moderate durability.

    M-Tech's graphic quality cards have many built-in security features like Magstripe (Hi-Co & Lo-Co) / Signature Panel / Adhesive Sticker / Contact & Contactless Chips / Barcode Printing / Serial Number Printing / Punching Slot & other Security Features.

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