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    Factory Automation System

    What am I?

    Web Solution to get Machines OEE (Original Equipment Efficiency) & Employee Efficiency.

    Process Planning and Monitoring

    - Job wise Costing & Budget

    - Machine Life Monitoring & Preventative Maintenance

    - Quality major losses Summary ( Rejection Details )

    - C.O.Q (Cost of Quality) expected to Management

    - MIS

    What Advantage?

    • Not required to keep paper records as it is complete paperless system which reduces paper cost.
    • Independent work able to see information any time.
    • Reduce higher authority cost as Employee can do their own entry
    • Transparent information to Management at any point of time

    What I Have?

    • Job Planning – Material required for each job
    • Route Card – Divide job as per planning & track
    • Daily Work Register – all operator’s Efficiency will be based on daily work
    • Close Route Card – close completed route card of each job with details
    • In transaction All the user of dept. Marketing, Store, Production, QA and Dispatch do their respective process which reduce time and cost by paperless process

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