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    Domed Lables

    Domed labels are perfect and unique way to show off the brand name of your business product. It is a process that allows adding a cap to the label transforming it into a crystal clear dome shape. Display brand name and trademark your product in an innovative way with a clear and powerful three dimensional visual effect.

    M Tech Innovations, being one of the reputed manufacturers from Pune, India offers varied answers as per your specifications and printing requirements. We use the polyurethane domed labels that are highly flexible, durable and transparent unlike other materials that become stiff and unconformable.

    The domed labels are mostly used in home appliances and automobile industry. Various types of domed labels are commonly used in refrigerators, washing machines, two wheelers and four wheelers to enhance the branding image of the product.

    Domed labels by M- Tech Innovations Ltd., present many advantages such as

    The 3D effect of these labels gives an attractive and powerful visual impact while also enhancing the aesthetic appearance of the product

    High gloss used in domed labels makes them the most appropriate way to showcase your brand name.

    Domed labels are abrasion and impact resistant.

    Domed labels are preferred for being resistant to chemical reaction as they are made from high quality polyurethane material./p>

    Due to their flexibility domed labels can be used for almost any surface, making it easier to use on all products

    The benefits of domed labels include

    • Effective branding of your products is very easy with domed labels.
    • Better and improved image quality due to polyurethane material.
    • Decrease in warranty cost as absolute high quality material is used.
    • Use of the best quality raw material offering the excellent domed labels in the industry
    • The latest design trends are regularly studied and followed in our manufacturing process.

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