• Biometric HHT Module With Contactless Card Interface

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    M-Tech offers complete solution of Time Attendance/Access control system with hardware, software & post delivery implementation support. MTBHHT is a user friendly modular design system. The system works on standalone as well as on network mode. MTCB comes with high resolution 500 dpi optical scanner allows users to provide best image quality of the fingerprints and 13.56 MHz card sensor makes it as an ideal tool for different modes of verifications. The device can be connected to Standard Time Attendance software, Guard Tour Management System. The device is specially designed as per the industries requirement which offers scalability to manage multipurpose solutions

    Applications- The solutions where the device can be worked are -

    • a. Time Attendance
    • b. Visitor Management System
    • c. Building Management
    • d. Canteen Management

    Key Features of the Product

    A) Hardware -

    • a. Rugged, tamper resistant enclosure.
    • b. Flash Card Feature.
    • c. Multi Interface as - Only Card, Card + Bio, Only Bio etc.
    • d. Optional card sensors as HF.

    B) Software

    • a. Windows based/Web based.
    • b. Leave Management Module
    • c. Field Person attendance recording.

    Product Advantages

    • a. No need to maintain Attendance Register, total paperless work.
    • b. Time office staff can do their work effectively as no manual mistakes.
    • c. Readymade reports for Payroll Integration.
    • d. Offline transactions can be done.
    • e. Easy to handle for Field Transactions.

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