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    Automotive Dials

    M Tech Innovations Ltd., offers a wide range of automotive dials that are manufactured to stand the test of time. There are wide ranges of polycarbonate automotive dials that are designed, manufactured and supplied to our customers who are the world leaders in automotive and manufacturing industry. The color match, true markings and everlasting colors are prime requisites in Dial application. With years of hands on experience in this field has helped us to develop many innovative technologies and ideas to apply graphics virtually to any surface.

    Outstanding Print Quality

    The markings are carefully imprinted by our skilled designers to maintain accuracy and stand test of consumer use. Over the years we have perfected the capabilities to build quality into the parts so as to avoid colour feding .

    Diverse Material Expertise

    We are among the largest suppliers of printed dials in India. We print on polyester, polycarbonates and so on. We have developed innovative approaches to technically overcome challenging application issues. Polycarbonates are transparent thermoformable material which has a superior impact resistance feature. Due to its excellent optical clarity they

    Unlimited Shapes And Sizes

    In house tool rooms and custom dies that are always available with the company makes it easier to propose and customize as per clients’ shape & size requirements. Polycarbonates can be thermoformed into desired shapes and sizes hence are popularly used in automotive dials.We are one of the leading companies supplying thermo formed dials giving 3D shape .

    Special Material Thickness

    There is a well established network of leading raw material suppliers who are capable of supplying materials in commercially available thickness. The company generally works with materials from 0.1mm to1. 5mm thickness. Stock of 0.25mm to 1mm is available with the company at all times.

    Full Graphics Services

    A complete graphic solution is available with the company and our designers will be happy to work with you to help you meet the exact specifications.

    Take advantage of our experience

    Our complete design and manufacturing unit is available under one roof with the inventory and fulfilment system satisfying customers both small and large. Decorated product dials ad appear on millions of Indian products, including some of the best known names in consumer and automobile products.

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