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    Asset Tracking System

    Asset management systems are used for the enhancement of information security, software license management and improvement in asset and job efficiency in an organization. The assets in an organization are identified as

    • Fixed assets
    • Portable assets
    • IT assets
    • Non IT assets

    M-Tech manufacturers and supplies latest technology RFID enabled Asset Management Systems to various organizations. RFID technology plays pivotal role in all these solutions. The information is stored on the RFID tags. This information is then captured by the RFID reader and is send to the location information middleware through the RFID manager. The location information and RFID tag information are sent on to the integrated asset management database. It is here that the location information is tied to the asset information so that the asset location information can be identified in real time.

    The RFID systems created by M-Tech Innovations mainly provide solutions for identifying information about the location of the assets and the movement of goods.

    The process of asset Management involves

    • Collection of physical inventory data using manual entry.
    • Keeping Up-to-date information.
    • Utilization of information about the assets.
    • Effective use of Idle assets
    • Effective use of shared assets
    • The main information that can be attained when RFID integration has

    The integration of information

    • Maintenance of information at the latest level
    • Identification of the location of the assets
    • Real-time identification of the location of information
    • Identification of the information on the goods movement

    The company offers a fixed assets register maintenance system where you can enter all the information about asset including

    • Purchase date
    • Quantity
    • Bill Number
    • Location

    Once the information is in place all the assets in stores or sites are tagged with the RFID tags. All the information of the asset is present in the tag which can be verified using a hand held reader and are integrated into the application. This verification is so simple that anyone can do the stock taking using the RFID hand held terminals. These terminals are capable of storing the information and at the end of the process it can be downloaded to a PC or server using a wireless or USB port. Once the stock verification is completed the asset list is exported to a .txt file. With the assistance of FARMS software, we can verify the data by simply entering the verification date. Moreover, you can generate various detailed reports based on

    • List of Assets found
    • List of Assets not found
    • List of Assets verified on particular dates

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