• EMV Solutions

    Our EMV cards and Personalisation solutions are perfect solutions that fits the needs of EMV Card deployments. With range of products and services that precisely address to you need for both choice and beneficial contractual terms.

    EMV Card supply :

    M-Tech has the entire in-house infrastructure to manufacture,

    • Contact Cards
    • Contactless Cards
    • Dual interface Cards

    With a provision to support following data authentication methods,

    • SDA-Static data authentication
    • DDA-Dynamic data authentication
    • CDA- Combined data authentication
    • With the standard memory size of 8k, 16k, 32k or as per the special request from the Customer.

    EMV Personalization :

    M-Tech has the entire software team to provide the necessary support in terms of,

    • Data Preparation set up
    • Chip Personalization set up
    • Key management system

    With the following operating system support,

    • Java Platform
    • Multos Platform
    • Provision to support NPCI Specifications in future.

    EMV Consultancy :

    How to upgrade card production and personalization

    • Choosing a chip card platform with necessary hardware that meets the chip card issuance requirements. For e.g.
    • Single/multi-application
    • Memory size of ROM and EEPROM
    • Support for cryptographic processing such as public key
    • In determining the parameters and rules that must be personalized into the chip application

    How to upgrade authorization and settlement systems

    • Changes required to issuer systems to authorize, clear and settle transactions on EMV cards
    • Up-gradation of network interfaces
    • In deciding the criteria for authorization and decline
    • Support for cryptogram checking / generation
    • Support for Issuer Script commands

    How to Re-engineer internal processes for chip card

    • New hardware acquisition
    • Capacity Planning
    • Reporting and monitoring

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