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Visitor Management System

M-Tech Innovations offers an efficient and cost effective system that is capable of keeping the record of site visitors and contractors. The visitor management system presented by M-Tech is a perfect solution for maintaining a track record of the visitors across the premises. It is a dependable and cost effective solution for your entire organization. 

The main objectives of this Visitor Management System are

  1. To Streamline visitors movement
  2. To ensure the system is user friendly
  3. To generate MIS reports and providing good analysis
  4. To be easily scalable to access control system

The features of the M-Tech’s Visitor Management system are

  1. You can process online requests for appointments.
  2. You can print the visitors’ photographs.
  3. It can automatically generate appointments, approvals and rejections.
  4. The system is fully automated to reduce the number of clicks at the security gate.
  5. The contractor master database can be maintained for issuing longer gate pass for contract employees.
  6. You can also maintain detailed data about the visitors with photographs so that you can print gate pass for future reference.
  7. As the system is fully automated you can easily send email notification on requests, approvals and rejections to the visitors.
  8. You can also generate the list of today’s appointments and expected visitors so as to avoid confusions at the last minute.
  9. You can allow the visitor to self-sign in using the biometric finger print scanner.
  10. You can easily maintain visitor history by tracking visitor’s sign-in and sign-out timings.
  11. The system can also be easily integrated to the access control system.
  12. The system also generates alert for the gate passes that are not returned.
  13. The visitor management system by the company supports various readers like Magnetic, Bar code, Smart card and Biometric readers and more.