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Multi Port Long Range RFID Readers

M-Tech Innovations – the leading entity among Indian smart card solutions manufacturers offers latest and innovative RFID readers with completely indigenous manufacturing processes. Our smart card solutions not only help into the security of your organization’s confidential data but also are useful in smooth working of day-to-day routine operations and processes such as Attendance maintenance and parking management. 

MTUHF-multiport reader is also one of such smart solutions. This RFID reader solution is used by various industry names as it is compatible to many protocols, different design types through the connection built with 4 antennas. The other features like fast reading capacity, multi tag identification process makes the device suitable and preferable for each industry’s protection standard. This Multi Port Long Range RFID Reader has special anti collision algorithm with high efficiency for multi tag identification. Organizations and institutes choose Multi Port Long Range RFID Reader for logistic tracking, person tracking systems and vehicle tracking systems.

M-Tech provides various Multi Port Long Range RFID Reader Applications for

  1. Logistics & Warehouse Management Systems
  2. Parking Management Systems
  3. Product Line Management Systems
  4. Library, School Management Systems
  5. Person Tracking System
  6. Access Control System
  7. Store Management

Advantages of Multi Port Long Range RFID Reader

  1. Small size reader with Quick reading speed.
  2. Improves inventory accuracy from raw to finished goods
  3. Enhances product quality with improved automation of process and materials visibility.
  4. Better security of assets and workers with real-time location information.
  5. Reduces loss of assets and equipments
  6. Maximizes asset lifecycle along with improved asset utilization
  7. Enables rapid and cost-effective inventory takes


Model MTUHF-Fixed
Supporting Protocol ISO 18000-6B, EPC C1 GEN 2 (ISO18000-6C)
Working Frequency 865~868MHz
Working Mode FHSS
RF mode 0-30dBm Software programmable
Reading Speed Software programmable, average reading speed 64bits<6ms, 20 Tags/ Second @ 60Km/hr in ideal conditions.
Reading Mode Timing automatic reading and trigger reading, command reading software programmable
Data Interface RS232/RS485/RJ45 (TCP/IP)
Data Input Interface Trigger input one team
Reading distance 1~12m, antenna& tag dependent
Reading Init Buzzer and LED
Antenna Can use with MT6528 7dBi or MT 651C 12dBi UHF RFID Antenna.
Power Supply DC +9V
Dimension 310x 210x 40mm
Weight 2Kg
Working Temp -200C ~ +800C
Storage Temp -400C ~ +850C