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Factory Automation System

What am I?

Web Solution to get Machines OEE (Original Equipment Efficiency) & Employee Efficiency. 


- Process Planning and Monitoring 
- Job wise Costing & Budget 
- Machine Life Monitoring & Preventative Maintenance 
- Quality major losses Summary ( Rejection Details ) 
- C.O.Q (Cost of Quality) expected to Management 
- MIS 

What Advantage?

  1. Not required to keep paper records as it is complete paperless system which reduces paper cost. 
  2. Independent work able to see information any time. 
  3. Reduce higher authority cost as Employee can do their own entry 
  4. Transparent information to Management at any point of time 

What I Have?

  1. Job Planning – Material required for each job 
  2. Route Card – Divide job as per planning & track 
  3. Daily Work Register – all operator’s Efficiency will be based on daily work 
  4. Close Route Card – close completed route card of each job with details 
  5. In transaction All the user of dept. Marketing, Store, Production, QA and Dispatch do their respective process which reduce time and cost by paperless process