RFID Cards And Tags

Contactless Cards

Contactless smart cards work based on different embedded integrated circuits. The circuits in these contactless smart cards are connected to a coil with a few turns and then embedded into plastic to form the passive contactless smart cards. The communication layer in the latest contactless smart cards complies with ISO/IEC14443A or B, ISO/IEC 15693 standards.

Technology has brought diverse types of contactless smart cards into industry as per the exclusive needs of different industries and organizations. A few types of contactless smart cards comprise UHF frequencies and work for 10~15m reader range. The capacity and types of reader antennas play an instrumental role in the whole process. This communication through contactless smart cards acts in accordance with ISO/IEC 18000-6C or 6D. It is contactless transmission of data and energy and no battery is needed.

Contactless smart cards are primarily used for storing data. A simple security mechanism divides the memories into segments in all types of contactless smart cards. Therefore, upsurge of contactless smart cards can be noticed which is ideal for high volume transactions in all different applications, such as transport ticketing, time attendance solutions, car parking, road-tolling etc. Contactless smart cards are user-friendly wallets which can be used as fixed value tickets (e.g. weekly/monthly travel passes).

M-Tech Innovations a reputed name in India and other Asian countries for offering high-technology contactless smart cards along with printing, manufacturing of smart cards and RFID products under one roof. We also offer personalized contactless smart cards as per specific needs of organisations. As a professional contactless smart cards manufacturer with sound experience in smart cards & identification industry, we present RFID solutions in the best price, highest quality and through technology proven methods. Furthermore the company has the arsenal certificate, allowing us associate with different PSU’s, government and corporate organizations. 

We are offering below Chips for

LF (125 KHz Range)


IC Type Memory R/W Functions
H4100 64bits Read Only
EM 4100 64bits Read Only
HitagSR064 64bits Read Only
Hitag2 256bits Read/Write
Hitag1 2048bits Read / Write

HF (13.56 MHz Range)



IC Type Memory Standard
Mifare S50 1024 Bytes ISO 14443A
Mifare S70 4096 Bytes ISO 14443A
Mifare Ultra-light 64 Bytes ISO 14443A
Mifare Ultra-light C 192 Bytes ISO 14443A
Mifare Plus S2K 2048 Bytes ISO 14443A
Mifare Plus S4K 4096 Bytes ISO 14443A
ICODE SLIx 1024 bits ISO 15693
ICODE SLIs 2048 bits ISO 15693
TI256 256 bits ISO 15693
TI2048 2048 bits ISO 15693
Mifare DESfire 512 Bytes ISO 14443A

UHF (860 MHz ~915 MHz Range)



IC Type Memory Standard
G2XM 880bits ISO 18000 – 6C
G2XL 368bits ISO 18000 – 6C
UCODE Gen2 512bits ISO 18000 – 6C
MONZA 3 128bits ISO 18000 – 6C
MONZA 4 256bits ISO 18000 – 6C

Applications of Contactless Smart Cards

  1. Ticketing Systems
  2. Automatic Fare Collection Systems
  3. Toll Application
  4. Loyalty Application
  5. Campus Management Application
  6. Time Attendance System
  7. Access Control Application