Time Attendance And Access Control

Contactless Card Reader

M-Tech Innovations- the leader among smart card manufacturers offers complete solution of Time Attendance/Access control system with hardware, software & post delivery implementation support. Our contactless card reader product - MTC is a user friendly modular design system. This contactless card reader works on standalone as well as on network mode. Its 13.56 MHz card sensor enhances its efficiency and thus makes it a faster tool for card data verifications. 

How Does Contactless Card Reader Work?

The contactless card reader connects with Standard Time Attendance software which comes with Leave/Shift management records with standard attendance reports. M-Tech Innovations has specially designed MTC as per the industry requirement and thus the solution offers scalability to manage multipurpose services. 

Applications of Contactless Card Reader - 

The solutions where the contactless card reader can be useful are –

  1. Time Attendance
  2. Access Control System
  3. Visitor Management System
  4. Building Management
  5. Canteen Management
  6. Guard Tour Management

Key Features of Contactless Card Readers


  1. Rugged, tamper resistant enclosure.
  2. Easy to integrate with CCTV/Fire Alarm/Intrusion
  3. Touch sense Keypad.
  4. Multi Interface as – Only Card, Card + Pin etc.
  5. Optional card sensors as HF/ LF.
  6. Verification within less than 1 sec.


  1. Windows based/Web based.
  2. Leave Management Module
  3. Shift Assignment Module
  4. Attendance report – Muster, Total Work Hrs., Extra Work Hrs., Late coming etc.
  5. User defined access in Web based software
  6. Interconnects different cities with Central office.

Advantages of Contactless Card Reader -

  1. No need to maintain Attendance Register contactless cards allow paperless work.
  2. Remote manage & users access control through the cards
  3. Lesser manual mistakes and time-saving along with increased efficiency for the maintenance staff
  4. The device gives Readymade reports for Payroll Integration.
  5. Leave Management can be done automatically and easily.
  6. Cost effective solution to small/medium/large enterprises with lesser requirement of manual interference or monitoring.